For help with AbuseSA™, Coverity®, Defensics®, Protecode™, Seeker® and Test Advisor™, go to the Coverity Support web site.

If you are using a Synopsys® FPGA solution such as Synplify® bundled within another product (ex: Microsemi Libero® SoC Design Suite, Lattice Semiconductor ispLEVER®, Gowin Semi), please contact the OEM vendor for assistance.

Question: How do I locate my Site ID number?


For Synopsys tools that use the Synopsys Installer: (ex: IC Compiler™, Formality®, PrimeTime®, TetraMAX®, VCS®, etc.)

At the UNIX / Linux prompt, type

UNIX> cat synopsys_root_directory/admin/license/site_info 

Output example:
SiteId : XXXXX
LicenseAdmin: John Doe
NOTE: The Site ID is a number. If it shows as 000, then the information is incorrect.

If Synopsys tools are not yet installed or you use tools that do not use the Synopsys Installer such as IP / VIP and Synopsys software used on Microsoft Windows, contact your internal site administrator who installs Synopsys® software.

If you are a site administrator with access to the Synopsys® license file, the site ID information will be in the comment lines of the license key file.

Locate your Synopsys license key file:

lmstat - Copyright (c) 1989-2016 by Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Flexible License Manager status on Tue 6/27/2017 15:59 

License server status: 27020@lic_serv 
License files(s) on my_server: /flexlm/scl/admin/license/synopsys.lic  
In this example, $SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE is the licensing variable

The license server is lic_serv

The Synopsys key file is located at /flexlm/scl/admin/license/synopsys.lic

NOTE: Sometimes $LM_LICENSE_FILE is used in place of $SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE. Log in to the license server machine and view the header information in the license file to locate the Site ID field.

UNIX> ssh lic_serv
UNIX> cat /flexlm/scl/admin/license/synopsys.lic 
#Date: 06/02/2017
#                              SYNOPSYS INC. KEY CERTIFICATE
#                              Site ID: ######
#                              Your Company Name
#                              123 Main Street
#                              Anytown
#                              CA 12345
#                              US
NOTE: In some situations, only UNIX System Administrators may have proper permissions to log in to the server and view the license file.

If you were unable to locate your site ID using one of the methods above, please contact us.

Synopsys personnel will reply to you and send the site ID information.